Christine DeBellefeuille

Christine De Bellefeuille is an expert in the artistry and execution of movement, encouraging clients to “listen to the intelligence of their body”. As a professional dancer, she developed an extraordinary approach to motion, focusing primarily on the mind-body connection. She is the Co-owner of Total Balance, as well as Pilates Head Instructor.

Christine started her career ablaze, performing as a dancer on numerous stages and venues. After discovering Pilates, she realized that her intense love for movement could be channeled and used to help anyone wanting to improve the way they move! She went on to become the first fully certified instructor in the Penchenat method in all of North America, leading the class at the studio.

A remarkably knowledgeable classical homeopath, Christine is able to offer all-natural, effective remedies to her clients, having been immersed in the field for many, many years.

“Practice makes better”, is a phrase she lives by, motivating countless clients to continue their journeys to personal improvement. Her classes are taught with compassion, encouragement, and excitement, invigorating each student!