The Evolution of Total Balance

Written by: Paul DeAngelis

Total Balance is evolving.

The fall is bringing big changes to the studio. Change is a good thing; too often we get stuck in bad routines, bad jobs, bad training habits, and require a new way of thinking to get out of our ruts. Think of the gym like you’d think of your body: if you did the same exercises over and over without changing it up, would you make any progress?

The first shift in programming is the evolution of the spinning classes, coming this fall. Don’t worry, it isn’t going away; instead, it’s evolving into a hybrid of traditional spinning, and total training called “SpinFit”. This is an active improvement on a class that has been exceptionally popular in the Total Balance community.

Traditional spinning classes focus primarily on endurance, and I’ve found that to be a little one dimensional. Our goal is to build and improve on the abilities clients bring to the stationary bicycle by incorporating the Total Balance approach to strength training. By blending the use of the machine with the personalized instruction from our coaches, clients will begin to see improvements that a spinning class alone couldn’t generate!

Total Balance is all about laying down the foundations for strength. You’re encouraged to speak with an expert (such as myself), to tailor the program to your exact needs, and your exact fitness level. Coaches can then build up your mobility and strength in parts, depending on your current and long-term goals. We’re here to motivate!

SpinFit guarantees better results, and the best perspective on endurance training. The classes will be more personal, more inspirational, and most definitely more positive an experience for everyone involved.

The second major change has to do with the aesthetics of the studio: we will be removing the wall separating the spinning class from the rest of the gym in order to open up the space. This gives us massive amounts of room to add customized programs, and accommodate all new clients.

Total Balance is not a substandard way of working out: we are dedicated to providing clients with the tools they need to be their best selves. The team and programs are evolving for the better, and passing the benefits to the clients who join us on their fitness journey.

My goal, above all else, is to be there for YOU.